APR 2020

Rays of Light + Fluorescence, two eclectic, instrumental tracks based on hybrid patterns of colors. Collected on the Sunbeams EP, accompanied by a series of motion graphics and merch.

Grap some exclusive Sunbeams stickers or get the custom Sunbeams Tee over here.

A/v livestream of the Sunbeams EP with a live version of the opening track Rays of Light + some unreleased demo's and ID's accompanied by live-visuals based on the album artwork. 

Visual concept of the motion graphics and live visuals for Rays of Light. The idea was to represent the fast-paced music with hybrid patterns of colors and arrange them in a dynamic, colorful way.

Visual concept of the motion graphics and live visuals for Fluorescence. The idea is to create a much slower composition with less movement and more wave-like motion graphics.

Sunbeams Merch Pack 001

To celebrate the release of the first EP I also designed an exclusive merchandise pack with various items based on the Sunbeams concept.

Check out the Sunbeams Graphic Tee, with the official album artwork . This Tee is still available in the store >>

I also made a Stickerpack w/ two different Sunbeams stickers in different shapes.



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