JUN 2019

Exhibited at ‘Archive Live’ in AG, Utrecht (NL)

Concept + Motion Graphics by James Whistler
Projection Mapping by HKU YEAR2
Music by James Whistler

No Sense Of Awareness is an audioreactive video-installation, created specifically for the group-exhibition ‘Archive Live’ in Academiegalerie, Utrecht (NL). In a three-minute long series of visuals & color-schemes the audience is taken on a trip through the subconsious. The space is filled with a soundscape based on experimentation with both analog & digital synthesizers. Listen to the soundtrack of No Sense of Awareness over here.

View of No Sense of Awareness during the opening of our exhibition 'Archive Live' in Academiegalerie Utrecht, June 2020. The three projected images were actually livestreams of a videoscreen in another room of our exhibition space. The two sides are 'zoomed in' detailed shots of the one in the middle.

Close look at all the visual elements and motion graphics of this project. Most of the shots were created using layering techniques in digital editing software, and combine them with actual live-action videoshots. The rhythm and pace of the different video elements were based on the structure of the music.



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